International Bereaved Mothers Day

Today is International Bereaved Mothers Day so it would seem fitting that this weekend saw the release of our Wren pin badge. Together my sister and I have had a pin badge designed in honour of Wren, all profits of which will be donated to Wren’s Just Giving page, raising money for Sands, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity. The Sands charity have helped both Wayne and I and thousands of other families on their journey living with the loss of a child, so anything we can give back and hopefully help others will be our small way of saying thank you.

Click here to purchase

The response to the release of the pin since Friday night has been overwhelming, with lots of pins already packaged up and ready to ship on Tuesday when the post office is open again!

Little Wren has become so much more than just our baby girl, she has become a symbol to us and our family of hope and strength, a reason to continue braving the fight with our grief and to keep on going.

Bereavement is a strange thing, it doesn’t come with any rules or instructions and it manifests itself in so many different ways.

The loss of one person in your life does not create a blueprint for the next loss you experience.

With one good day can come three bad ones.

But with every day that comes I am starting to feel like a little piece of me gets a tiny bit stronger.

3 thoughts on “International Bereaved Mothers Day

  1. Just sat here and read through all your posts! You are such an inspirational person, to be able to express yourself so openly, while understandably being torn apart!
    Love to u both. 💖


  2. A beautiful tribute to your girl 💕


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