6 Months


One year ago I was 16 weeks pregnant, and you were still a part of me…

Six months ago today, I met you and you changed my life forever.

It has been six months since I first saw you face, since I first touched your cheeks. Six months of shaping a new life, a new future without you in my arms…

Every day that passes is a step further away from all of those precious moments we had. What I’d give to look again at your face, to take it in for longer and study every little thing about you.

Tomorrow will be six months since I left you. The feeling of that day will haunt me forever.

The shock was just too much to think clearly about the future then, to think how much all of those things would have meant looking back….

Our beautiful girl, we miss you so much but you touch our lives and so many others every day.

Because of you, we have raised hundreds of pounds for charity in your name. You make us proud and humble.

This month is Sands awareness month, we will keep trying to help, to make a difference because of you


Keep singing little bird x

3 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. In our hearts always and forever, all of you xxx


  2. Always remembered and in our hearts, fly high little bird xx
    Lots of love xx


  3. Our little bird will always be in our hearts. With love to You and Wayne. Xx


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